Starter and Crompton Fan in Chennai No.❶ Starter and Crompton Fan in Chennai




This is a High Productivity Machine ideally Suited for Production of ceiling Fan Stators. The Machine Consist of two Winding Heads Mounted on a Table. One Head Winds the Main set of Coil while other Winds the Actually Sets the Coil.
The Winding Heads are Designed as per your Stator. The Wire Guided Through Highly polished Ceramic tensions and Guides.
we incorporate at New Delhi with High Grade Raw & Advance Mechanical Support. We are trusted & Reliable based And Able to Carter Clint Desire.
Easy to install
High speed


An electric motor uses electrical energy to produce mechanical energy, through the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors. The reverse process, producing electrical energy from mechanical energy, is accomplished by a generator or dynamo.
It includes Brake Motors, Crane Duty Motors. Flange Motors and Foot Mounting Motors.